Andy is a friendly, approachable landlord and really seems to care about the welfare of his tenants. Any problems were dealt with efficiently and professionally and an up to date list of contacts was always provided. Intrusions were kept to a minimum and our privacy was respected. I have no complaints whatsoever!

Emily Winterbottom

It is useful to have a list of contact details if anything goes wrong. Andy is an excellent landlord-if we needed anything replacing it has been done immediately.

The boys at Lawrence Street

My time at Hull Road was an enjoyable one and it was made all the better knowing that I had a reliable landlord who would quickly and efficiently solve any problems that occurred during my stay.


I really enjoyed living at no. 51 Hes Road, it was ideally situated and the house spacious and well cared for. Andy was the perfect landlord, little things like being able to paint our rooms whatever colour we liked made the place really feel like our own. Having a list of who to contact when things go wrong and knowing that we wouldn’t have to battle to get money back for general house repairs gave great peace of mind too, as opposed to some of the horror stories you hear about students living in squalor because the landlord wont fix anything. Overall it was a fantastic two years!

Sarah-Catherine Lee

Overall the standard of accommodation is fantastic with the landlord being amazing. Mervyn (maintenance man) has been a Godsend and is always there if we need him (even at 8pm on Sunday evening)! Thanks for two great years!

The girls at 1 Brownlow Street

Andy is an excellent landlord-if anything needed replacing it was done immediatley. It’s really useful to have the list of contact details if anything went wrong.

The girls at Hull Road

One of the best things about being with Prospect Property was that you were able to contact the landlord whenever a problem occurred. Having the contact numbers of plumbers/ electricians in the local area was also very helpful as it meant that when problems occured, which they inevitably do, you did not have to panic. You knew who to contact and they were often able to come out that day to have a look what the problem was. Andy is an approachable, friendly landlord and the fact that he cares about his properties is apparent in the conditions that they are kept in!


Andy is understanding, helpful and accommodating. He has gone out of his way to make us feel happier, safer and more at home in our house. I don’t expect to have a landlord as willing to help again.


A reliable landlord that would quickly and efficiently sort out any problems.

Hayley47 Hull Road

I recommended Prospect property to my first and second year friends, one of them thanked me after he had signed a contract, adding in a tone of amazement ‘He actually likes students!’

Andy has always been friendly, accommodating and fair. Whenever we’ve had problems he’s been over to discuss them with us and has always resolved them for us satisfactorily.

We have felt very lucky to have had such a good landlord throughout our time at uni, he deserves his good reputation.

MaddieHeslington Road