Important info


Even though you might think this is a boring subject, at Prospect Property we take your health and safety very seriously. Each house meets not only the legal requirements as set out by the Government but in addition to this, I am registered as a City of York Council approved landlord on their accreditation scheme which is recommended by The University of York and York St John University. Houses are licensed by the Council where applicable and all property is fitted with regulatory smoke and fire protection.

Gas safety certificates are issued annually by “Gas Safe” registered engineers and in addition to this, all properties have the added benefit (though not a legal requirement in most cases) of electrical safety certificates issued by NICEIC registered electricians after thorough inspection of the electrical installations in the property. These certificates reassure tenants (and anxious mums and dads) that the houses are regularly inspected and maintained according to current regulations and beyond.


All Prospect Property tenants are provided with up to date lists of who to contact should problems occur (as they sometimes do). We believe that how a problem is dealt with is the benchmark of customer service and Prospect Property is committed to dealing with any eventuality quickly and efficiently.

All tenants are provided with the landlords contact details and we’re available 7 days a week to deal with any problems. Whatsapp and text communication preferred but a mobile phone number is available for urgent issues and should it not be answered immediately, messages are regularly attended to.

We respect your privacy and the right to live in your home without interruption and disturbance. So you won’t get any nasty surprises like unannounced visits from the landlord (in fact you won’t see us at all unless there is a problem or you request a maintenance visit) and if we do need to call around then we’ll give you notice in accordance with the tenancy agreement. We trust that you’re looking after your place ‘cos we only put super students into our super houses and so the only inspection visit will be towards the end of your tenancy unless there is a problem.


Unlike some student houses, your grandma wouldn’t feel at home in a “Better Student Home”.
Decor and furnishings are bright, clean and contemporary and tenants are often able to decorate their bedrooms to their own taste (Within reason).

Furniture is often “Ikea” or similar style and always complies with government safety standards. Mattresses are renewed regularly and replaced when necessary, not just when they are almost escaping from the bedroom on their own. Each bedroom contains the following as a minimum:

  • Bed and mattress (double or 3/4 wherever possible).
  • Study desk or “workstation” plus office style chair.
  • Wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside cabinet.

In larger rooms there is sometimes additional furniture and often students (or parents) choose to bring some of their own furniture too. Small electrical appliances such as desk lamps are not included.

Communal living rooms contain seating appropriate for the size of the house (and also provide dining facilities wherever practical) and kitchens contain a washing machine (sometimes washer/dryer) and a fridge and freezer with adequate shelf space for the number of tenants in the house. All electrical appliances are no more than a few years old and are contracted to be maintained/replaced when necessary by Herbert Todd and Son, a leading York electrical retailer.


Most sensible students in York realise that the only way to secure a great house for the summer is to start looking in November, so guess what? That’s when you can view our houses!. The tenancy contracts normally start on 1st of July and run for 12 months. This means that full rent is payable over the summer but most students choose to stay in York over the holidays (why wouldn’t you – have you seen York in summer?) Once a group of friends has decided on their choice of home for the next year, they simply pay a £500 per person deposit (which, by law, is managed by a Government regulated deposit protection service) and sign the contract. This secures the house for them and they can relax in the knowledge that they will be moving into a great house in a few months time. Prospective tenants are welcome to have the tenancy contract checked by the University or their parents before signing -we don’t want you signing anything that you’re not 100% happy with. Standard assured shorthold tenancy agreements are used (as recommended by the University). The deposit is held to ensure that all the housemates look after the house equally, that the rent is paid on time and that the house is left in the condition that it was received in, cleaned and ready for the next group to move straight into.